Ways a Commercial Interior Designer Will Merge Form and Function in Your Office's Reception Area

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Your office's reception area is not simply a designated room where visitors and clients alike spend time until they get a chance to meet with a member of your staff. Instead, the reception area functions as the first point of contact that individuals have with your operations. Keeping that in mind, leaving this area bland and bare will not only make it unappealing but can also negatively influence how the public perceives your business.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. An easy to elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your reception area is by enlisting commercial interior design services. Check out the following ways a commercial interior designer will merge form and function in your office's reception area.

A commercial interior designer will select a favourable colour palette

One of the most common mistakes that some business owners make when it comes to the interior design of their reception is overlooking colour psychology in favour of their brand colours. Admittedly, your brand palette is a great tool for fostering brand identity, which works to make the public feel acquainted with your business. Nonetheless, not all colours will work well in a reception area. Therefore, it is best to hire commercial interior design services since a professional will know how best to employ colour psychology for your business. 

For instance, if you are running a healthcare facility, you must provide your customers with a sense of well-being and serenity. Hence, the commercial interior designer will lean towards a pastel colour palette that evokes feelings of calm. Conversely, if you run a financial firm, your customers need to feel like their money is safe with you. Thus, a colour pallet comprises hues of green and gold, which evoke a sense of wealth.

A commercial interior designer will get creative with lighting solutions

Fluorescent lighting is the most common type of illumination found in reception areas. However, simply because it has been the conventional solution for decades on end does not mean it is the best option in the market. A commercial interior designer is aware of how cold and sterile this lighting can make a reception room appear.

Thus, they will opt for creative layering solutions to revamp the atmosphere of this space. Visually striking lighting fixtures above the reception desk, for example, provide task lighting while also making the reception room look more inviting. Moreover, recessed lights above seating areas provide a subtle glow for your visitors without the lighting being too intrusive.

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